Episode 1: Debut Show Q&A With Host Lisa Downs

In this debut episode, I’m interviewed by KKNW producer, Eric, by way of introducing me and the show to listeners.

We cover my background from my early career days in radio and teaching high school to working in learning and leadership development in corporate and professional services to my current work and the focus of the show on career transition support for those age 40+.

We also share the format of the show so listeners know what to expect, the types of topics and guests that I’ll cover, and how listeners can participate in submitting career transition questions and their stories. We share our own best job/worst job stories and I wrap things up with a first “Reignition Recommendation,” a weekly feature that’s a specific career transition tip. Enjoy!

Show Notes:

[00:24] Welcome to Reigniting You™ where we talk all things career transition for those age 40+. I’m excited to launch the show today with our producer, Eric.

[01:03] Lisa shares how the show name Reigniting You™ comes from reigniting the inner fire for those in their mid-late career or thinking of retiring or semi-retiring, regardless of age or career situation.

[04:20] Eric asks Lisa about her background and she shares her career path and how supporting people through coaching as they make different career transitions is what drives her and gives her fulfillment.

[06:19] Eric asks Lisa what made her decide to focus on those age 40+ for the show and her work. Lisa shares that it’s due to a combination of seeing ageism come into play more for those looking for work and wanting to support people to live fulfilling lives and tells the story of her own father’s decline when he was forced to retire.

[09:18] Eric asks Lisa what listeners can expect from the show. First week of the month will be a guest interview with the guest helping Lisa answer a career transition question of the month. Second week will be Lisa answering listeners’ career transition questions. Third week of the month will be a guest interview focused on their career path story. Fourth week will be listeners’ best job/worst job stories with Lisa providing insights and career tips.

[11:33] Lisa shares the types of topics and guests to expect on the show: varied backgrounds and diverse career experiences – ageism, the new retirement of not being idle, deciding what to do next in your mid-late career.

[15:12] Lisa introduces the Best Job/Worst job feature of the show where listeners submit their stories and she provides career transition insights and tips about them.

[15:30] Eric shares about his best job – his current one with KKNW as he helps people get their message out and get helpful information. His “runner up” – working at an oldies station in Juneau, Alaska.

[16:40] Lisa shares her best job story – working for a consulting firm doing leadership development – training and coaching accounting firm leaders. Her “runner up” – being the receptionist at a truck dealership.

[19:22] Eric shares his worst job story – being a busboy stating at 8:00 a.m. while doing overnight shifts at a radio station.

[21:12] Lisa shares her worst job story – working at a clothing store at the mall – only lasted for eight days. Her other one – having to close a restaurant and be in 8:00 a.m. classes the next day. Always lessons learned and great people to meet, though.

[25:44] Going forward, we’ll rely on listeners to share their stories. Can do that by emailing or leaving a voicemail at 360-436-6496 for Lisa to share it live on the air the fourth week of the month.

[26:14] First “Reignition Recommendation” – answering the question, “What do I really want?” to be able to create your career vision, goals, and how to make best use of your strengths and skills.

[27:18] Join us next Wednesday at 3:00 when we’ll debut Ask Lisa – episode every second week of the month focused on answering listeners’ career transition questions.

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