Episode 2: Lisa Answers Listener Questions

This is the debut episode of “Ask Lisa,” the focus of the show every second week of the month, when I answer listeners’ career transition questions.

The topics range from what to do now after being turned down for roles multiple times, how to handle burnout and considering leaving when it’s a tough job market, needing an updated résumé after a layoff after not being in the job market for 20 years, and how to handle being turned down for a promotion.

KKNW producer Eric and I also exchange reactions to these questions and I share the week’s “Reignition Recommendation” about documenting your successes so you have examples of your results and value you provide in easy reach to include on job search documents, social media profiles, etc.

Show Notes:

[00:25] Welcome to Reigniting You™ where we talk all things career transition for those age 40+. Happy to be with you today and with our producer, Eric.

[01:15] With this being the second week of the month, it’s time to debut our “Ask Lisa” episode; I’ll be answering listeners’ career transition questions.

[04:21] First question from Kim – been in the job market for nine months; keeps getting turned down for roles; has lost out to a mix of internal and external candidates; not sure if she needs to present herself differently; what to do next?

[05:13] If unable to get more specific feedback, consider how you’ve been answering interview questions and if there’s something to do differently to position yourself in the future. Clearly showing examples of your work that show how you get results? Sharing what shows forward thinking? Examples of your growth and development? How you’re the best fit for the role?

[08:49] Second question from Carol – feeling burned out working in IT sales; how to move forward from spinning in frustration?

[09:46] Encouragement to focus on what do you really want for your vision? What needs to be present in your life to be happy with what you’re doing? Think about your strengths, skills, values – how can these inform your vision? Can focus goals that are rallied around your vision. Gives you something to focus on and creates excitement.

[11:31] Eric shares that for his vision it’s about having enough free time to pursue hobbies and interests, comfortable income, staying in Western Washington. Lisa shares her vision too – living a healthy life, work to help people live great lives, travel.

[15:23] A reminder for listeners to email or leave a voicemail at 360-436-6496 to ask their career transition questions for a future episode.

[15:48] Next question is from Dan – out of a job for the first time in over 20 years. Résumé needs updating. Where do I start?

[16:45] Good rules of thumb for résumés – good to have a strong headline/brand statement that states who you are as a professional. Have a statement of value under that – what you provide. Limit work experience to no more than 10-15 years; remove years from degrees and certifications. Summarize key skills at the top under brand statement; focus on results; eliminate an objective statement. Use the interview to sell why you’re the best fit for the role.

[20:36] Final question from Crystal – been turned down for a promotion that she thought was a good fit. With a non-profit for 15 years; thinking of leaving; not sure if she should stay or go – what do you think?

[21:28] Assess why you’re leaving – is it because not getting the promotion still stings? Boredom with same old, same old? Broken work relationships? Want a change to mix things up? Really think about what it is that’s the driver of leaving. Any internal roles? Compare with risk of leaving. What are some options of where to apply your skills? Does the unhappiness of status quo outweigh the risk of leaving?

[25:44] Eric shares how he lost enthusiasm for a role before too. Didn’t stay long in a role just to have something and because of its location – wasn’t comfortable. Still was a steppingstone.

[26:34] Reminder for listeners to email or leave a voicemail at 360-436-6496 to ask their career transition questions for the second week of November.

[26:49] This week’s “Reignition Recommendation” – document your successes and results as they happen. Use the tools you have available to you – proof to show your results.

[27:37] Join us next Wednesday at 3:00 when we’ll have our first guest interview. Our sponsor Charlie Magee of FranNet will be here to share his insights for transitioning to be your own boss through franchise ownership.

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