Episode 5: Question of the Month with Ariel Hubbard

This is the debut of the “Question of the Month” episode when a guest and I answer the question together about an aspect of career transitions.

For this first one, my guest is Ariel Hubbard of Hubbard Health Solutions and the question we field is, “How can I gain control of my situation when in career transition when it feels like things are out of control and spinning?”

We also discuss Ariel’s career path and lessons learned, positives from going through or being in a career transition, and handling stress and anxiety, including how Ariel helps her clients with this in her work. I conclude the show with the weekly “Reignition Recommendation” career tip.

Show Notes:

[Note: Intro. not recorded.]

[01:39] Welcome back to Reigniting You™ the show that focuses on all aspects of making mid-late career transitions. Many thank to our sponsor FranNet.

[01:50] Excited to introduce our guest Ariel Hubbard. Ariel’s of Hubbard Education Group and Hubbard Health Solutions. Been in the holistic healing arts since 1995. Welcome to the show!

[02:55] Lisa asks Ariel to share her career path. Got her bachelor’s degree/got a good education. Worked in corporate for four years. Took classes studying different topics and volunteered for group for energy work. Went to massage school and then started building practice and educating. Written over 85 courses. One step leads to another – follow intuition.

[05:45] What are some of your lessons learned? Ariel – Side roads give us nuggets to use further down our path. Trust your intuition. As a woman, learned we can work in a non-linear fashion. Also, stick to your values and stay in action. Even if stuck, there’s probably something to change that’s not working and into something that works.

[07:20] What do you say when people don’t know how to trust their intuition or recognize it? Ariel – Insights you gain when your brain waves slow down. Anything to relax and get your conscious mind focusing on something – exercise or repetitive action or setting an intention. Have to learn to relax – taking a nap – to get these insights. Do things that make you happy.

[09:23] What else was particularly helpful for you that got you through times of change? Ariel – Developing and cultivating relationships and creating a community. How can I create a community and how can I serve that community?

[13:18] “Question of the Month” – Gaining control over my situation? Ariel – Tune in to your values – what’s important to you. Only thing we control is ourselves. Do something that centers you to step out of the drama – breathing, visualizations, exercise – make a plan. What actions can you take? Stay in action. Find ways to serve the community to stay in a positive space.

[15:25] What are some of your values? Ariel – Making a difference – a need for me – effecting positive change – bringing more harmony, love, joy, and compassion into the world.

[16:27] What’s an example of when you’ve felt out of control in a time of change? Ariel – Own what’s yours and what’s not. Then dealt with negative emotions – self-care. Started a virtual class for women over to work out three times a week. Positive action – could do something. Started writing classes and doing research – helping massage community with PPE practices.

[20:15] What do you see as positives of career transitions? Ariel – Think of it as an opportunity. If things are really bad, you have nothing to lose by going for what you want to create. This is the year to apply for grants. Go for your dream. Why not break your mold of your past?

[22:08] How does what you do support people dealing with stress and anxiety? Ariel – Help people offload stress and anxiety to get centered to create what they want in their lives – reframe what they’re thinking and feeling – recharge the energy system. Clear the emotions out of the body to calm down and to focus.

[25:23] How can people find you? Ariel – her website: arielhubbard.com.

[25:42] “Reignition Recommendation” for the week – live in the present as much as possible.

[26:12] Join us next Wednesday at 3:00 when I’ll answer listeners’ career transition questions for our monthly “Ask Lisa” episode. As a reminder, you can email your questions or leave a voicemail at 360-436-6496.

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