Episode 8: Best Job/Worst Job with Career News

In this episode, I feature two “Best Job/Worst Job” listener stories for the fourth week of the month, a standing feature.

I also share a few career news headlines, including about the U.S. News & World Report Best Jobs of 2020 list, results of a U.S. migration/relocation survey from Upwork, seasonal hiring, a rebound of part-time jobs, and hiring at Clorox. A few listeners also submitted what they’re thankful for in the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday.

The worst job story is from a listener who was a management consultant and the best job story is being a cab driver. Tips for being in a culture or work environment that’s a bad fit and having time to think are included. I then end with the “Reignition Recommendation” for the week.

Show Notes:

[Note: Intro. not recorded.]

[01:44] Welcome back to Reigniting You™ the show that focuses on all aspects of making mid-late career transitions. A big thank you to our sponsor FranNet.

[2:15] Career news: U.S. News & World Report – released their best jobs list – jobs range from a salary of $69,430 to $208,000 a year with an expected increase in employment between 1 and 31% by 2028, dominated by roles in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Survey by Upwork – as many as 23 million Americans plan to relocate to a new city within the next year, due to the rise of working from home during the pandemic, three to four times higher than usual. Seasonal hiring for the holidays is in full swing in retail, as Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Nordstrom are all hiring for thousands of jobs, as well as UPS, whether in fulfillment and distribution centers, corporate and IT, or as delivery drivers. Part-time job ads have rebounded with a share of 14% of all jobs posted on Indeed.com, up from 12.5% before the pandemic. The Clorox Company announced it’s creating 158 new jobs within Durham County, North Carolina, expanding its research and development division and relocating the headquarters for its Better Health and Burt’s Bees brands.

[5:33] Producer Eric shares his reactions to the news stories – sounds like things are ready to rebound; migration piece is interesting – never know when current situation will be over – will you be able to handle a lengthy commute if offices pull people back in?

[8:44] Hope is that folks will be in a position to take some of the seasonal and part-time roles to help make ends meet – don’t know when more relief will be coming from the federal government. Even though not ideal, may want to consider what can be a short-term solution.

[12:26] Eric shares what he’s thankful for – friends, family, good job. Lisa shares hers – to be alive after going through breast cancer treatment this year – was an opportunity to re-tool things and create the show itself.

[15:30] A few listeners also shared what they’re thankful for – one shared that he’s thankful to have a meaningful job where he can positively impact the lives of others. Another shared she’s thankful for the opportunity to speak with so many different people in her work from many geographic areas across the country and around the world, and that allows her to have an open mind and make introductions for people. And another shared she’s thankful for her “eclectic résumé” with all its twists and turns that now make sense for her in her career.

[16:26] A reminder that listeners can submit their best or worst job stories by email or by leaving a voicemail at 360-436-6496 and it will be shared live on the air at the of December.

[16:53] Worst job story from Beth in Seattle – worked as a management consultant and had to travel three out of every four weeks – it was a very competitive environment – pretty cutthroat, so it caused a lot of stress.

[17:23] Whether it goes against our nature or personality type or work style, any time we have to work against that day in and day out, it’s like the proverbial death by a thousand cuts. There’s only so much of that we can take, even if it’s for a good company and salary. Let alone the constant travel factor – encourage you to evaluate your situation and explore options, especially if working against your type and style – takes its toll long term.

[20:25] Best job story from Paul in Renton – being a cab driver – had quiet time to think – got best ideas during time between passengers.

[21:27] Good to have had that down time – so often, it seems, we lack that time to just allow thoughts to come into our heads because we’re so busy going from one meeting or task to the next. It’s important to carve out that time for ourselves to be creative, generate ideas, or just be without constantly doing things – sometimes being busy is to our detriment rather than benefit. It can also be exhausting to not have time to give your brain a rest.

[22:39] Eric shares his thoughts on today’s listener stories – travel can be hectic – good to have down time. Being a “road warrior” can be tough.

[24:49] “Reignition Recommendation” for the week – decide and prioritize one goal to accomplish during the next month so you can end 2020 on a high note.

[25:47] Join us next Wednesday at 3:00 when my guest will be Bob Hale of Sound Insurance Solutions who will be here to help me answer our career transition “Question of the Month” for December. We’ll talk to you next week on Reigniting You!

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