Episode 26: Leslie Koc and Our Relationship with Money

Author, coach, speaker, and facilitator Leslie Koc joined me on this episode to talk about how our relationship with money impacts our decisions and ties to our perceptions of ourselves, as well as its role in making career transitions.

She also taught us a new word: “habitude!”

Leslie also shares about her career path from leaving corporate and lessons learned, including paying attention to what you want and listening to your inner voice. The show concludes with the weekly “Reignition Recommendation” career tip.

Show Notes:

[00:25] Welcome to Reigniting You™ where we talk all things career transition for those age 40+. Happy to be here with you today and our producer, Eric.

[02:53] Welcome back to Reigniting You™ the show that focuses on all aspects of making mid-late career transitions. Thank you to our sponsor Charlie Magee of FranNet, your franchise expert.

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[03:24] Happy to introduce today’s guest, Leslie Koc. Welcome to the show!

[04:14] Lisa asks Leslie to share her career path – was in a leadership position in corporate and realized she was done with that career; began exploration and transitioned into coaching.

[05:38] What were some things that prompted you to come to the conclusion of being “done” with corporate? Leslie – had contributed a lot and realized it’d just be a bigger version of the same thing.

[06:44] Any lessons learned? Leslie – listen to inner voice; understand what we want.

[07:56] What was particularly helpful that was helpful through transition? Leslie – looking forward; possibility of doubts; trusting myself; being thoughtful.

[09:36] What was it that led you to be able to trust yourself? Leslie – asking when you were last successful and build on that.

[11:06] What’s a tip or two to start process of confidence building? Leslie – affirmation lists; what we learned from when we weren’t successful.

[15:58] What’s a healthy way to think about money? Leslie – save it, spend it, share it – can be positive or negative.

[17:30] How does money influence decisions? Leslie – money is energy – money “habitudes.”

[18:35] How does money tie to our perceptions? Leslie – money has no value until we give it value – we bring our personality to it – positive or negative energy.

[19:42] What’s an example of what negative energy looks like? Leslie – scarcity and abundance.

[24:02] What’s critical to consider when it comes to finances in career transition? Leslie – get a sound financial advisor; delve into what makes up your relationship with money.

[25:22] How can people find you? Leslie – email, website – Coaching What’s Next, LinkedIn,

[25:58] Reignition Recommendation – think about where you’re fooling yourself.

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[27:38] Join us next week when my guest will be performance and leadership consultant Chris King who’ll help me answer the career transition Question of the Month for April.

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