Episode 36: Lisa Answers Listeners’ Questions

This is the next episode of “Ask Lisa,” the focus of the show every second week of the month, when I answer listeners’ career transition questions.

The topics range from how to make your case for getting a job as an older worker to handling job hopping and burnout and more.

KKNW producer Eric and I also exchange reactions to these questions and I share the week’s “Reignition Recommendation,” a tip of the week for mid-late career transitions regardless of your age.

Show Notes:

[00:25] Welcome to Reigniting You™ where we talk all things career transition for those age 40+. Great to be with you today and our producer, Eric.

[00:56] It’s the second week of the month, so that means it’s time for our “Ask Lisa” episode. I’ll be answering listeners’ career transition questions by providing a few tips.

[03:23] First question from Joyce – what can I do as an older worker to make my case when finding a job is taking longer than I thought?

[05:33] Focus on accomplishments; deep well of skills developed over time; vast professional network; examples of how you’ve learned new things; use social media; ask for feedback from younger people; target age-friendly orgs.

[07:44] Next question from Roger – what can I do to assure employers I’m looking for a longer-term role after job hopping?

[09:11] Explain how you’ve built your career and that you now want to find a work home that will allow you to stay and contribute to the success and results of the org. over time. Emphasize the strengths and skills you bring – what the org. would get if they hired you.

[14:37] Welcome back to Reigniting You™ the show that focuses on all aspects of making mid-late career transitions. Visit https://yournewaspect.com to sign up for career tips and take a free Career Transition Readiness Quiz or to contact Lisa. Go to Services/Group Programs to register for free webinar.

[18:18] Next question from Jenny – what are some good industries for older workers?

[18:38] Consider senior services, healthcare, financial advising, non-profits, professional associations, government, education, or additional industries that could benefit from your wisdom.

[19:55] Next question from Melanie – how can I avoid the urge to leave my profession when feeling burned out?

[21:01]Schedule time for self-care, talk it out, remember what you enjoy about the work, identify exactly what’s causing the feelings of burnout, ask for help.

[26:29] Reminder for listeners to email or leave a voicemail at 360-436-6496 to ask their career transition questions for the second week of July.

[26:52] “Reignition Recommendation” for the week – let go of guilt when in career transition.

[27:52] A reminder to visit https://yournewaspect.com to sign up for career tips and take a free Career Transition Readiness Quiz or to contact Lisa.

[28:09] Join us next Wednesday at 3:00 when my guest will be author Babs Plunkett.

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