Episode 52: Steve Haas Talks Leaping to Entrepreneurship

Recent career changing from working in the retail industry to becoming an independent consultant, Steve Haas, offers his insights on what it takes to start a business.

We discuss how he decided to do it and what to focus on for services, how to not feel overwhelmed as a new entrepreneur, and how to know it’s a right move for you, among other things.

Steve also shares about his career journey and lessons learned, including the importance of good relationships and showing humility at work. The show concludes with the weekly “Reignition Recommendation” career tip.

Show Notes:

[00:26] Welcome to Reigniting You® where we talk all things career transition for those age 40+. Great to be here with you today and our producer, Eric.

[02:30] Welcome back to Reigniting You® the show that focuses on all aspects of making mid-late career transitions.

[03:03] Excited to introduce today’s guest, Steve Haas. Welcome to the show!

[03:45] Lisa asks Steve to share his career path – been in retail whole career; had a couple consulting projects fall into lap.

[04:40] Before you worked in retail, what jobs did you have? Steve – been in retail entire career since college – not uncommon to stay in it.

[05:08] What was it about the retail industry that sparked your interest? Steve – liked that it’d be broad based with multiple facets to it; allowed you to grow.

[06:00] What would you say is a key lesson or two that you’ve learned along the way? Steve – comes back to relationships – those who are successful are good with people and have humility; have one reputation and if you tarnish it once, it’s impossible to get back.

[07:18] What would say are some of the key people skills that’ve helped you in your career? Steve – empathy; clearly communicate and understand other side.

[08:54] What else has been helpful to you as you’ve transitioned into different roles? Steve –having core group of trusted people who will give you honest feedback.

[11:07] How have you been able to build you network professionally over the years? Steve – fortunate that job meant engaging with a lot of people; developed appetite for it through other people.

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[16:17] How exactly did you make the leap to starting your business? What did you do first? Steve – had a couple of short-term engagements as a contractor; got counsel.

[17:46] How did you figure out what type of business you were going to be in terms of your offerings and target market? Steve – experienced a lot of consultants to learn from; asked what are a couple things to specialize in and am good at.

[19:06] How can those who are interested in being an entrepreneur avoid being intimidated by it so it’s not so daunting if they’re feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of starting a business? Steve – hardest was uncertainty of knowing where a paycheck was coming from; anxiety is around the need to continually find the next thing; got validation from people.

[20:58] What do you do to handle it when business might be slow? Steve – reengage with people to let them know about looking for work; proactive posture.

[23:05] What recommendations do you have to know if you’re cut out to be a business owner? How can I know it’s for me? Steve – had to look in mirror – comfortable to put myself out there and have no other point of escalation for client issues?

[25:25] How can people find you? Steve – LinkedIn.

[26:08] Reignition Recommendation – pay attention to symptoms of burnout.

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[27:55] Join us next week when my guest will be author and leadership expert Howard Prager.

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